Killzone: Shadow Fall
Age -
Race Helghast
Planet Vekta
Status Alive
Title Informant
Affiliation -
Zeus is the callsign of a VSA informant inside New Helghan in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

He is encountered by Lucas Kellan, whom he gives intel regarding the location of Vladko Tyran in Containment City in the campaign's fifth chapter; "The Helghast". He also asks Kellan to erase his name from a tracking database, which Kellan does[1].


Zeus is presented as a shady informant when Lucas Kellan meets him for the first time. When Kellan dies, he expresses sympathy for him and says Lucas risked his life to erase him from the tracking database, and didn't deserve to die[1]. He is glad Echo killed Sinclair, showing that Zeus has a solid moral compass[1].

In the end, while Zeus may seem shady he respects people that have a decent character and will try to help them out.



  • Zeus may be an informant out of blackmail from Sinclair. Zeus asks Lucas shortly after meeting him what Sinclair "has on him".

References Edit

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