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Vns12A Purger - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide02:57

Vns12A Purger - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The Vns12A Purger is a Helghast-made minigun introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall

Weapon InformationEdit

The Vns12A Purger is a massive minigun created by the Helghast. It's available to the Support class in Shadow Fall's multiplayer. This heavy weapon is one of the most unique in the game, as it handles vastly differently from every other gun. You are unable to slide while using the Purger, and firing the gun will slow down both your aim and movement speed. The Vns12A requires about a second for the barrels to start spinning and firing, limiting the weapon's effectiveness in close quarters maps. The weapon will also overheat as well, so be careful when firing it for long periods of time.

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