The VnS-10B Scylla Chaingun "Cerberus" is an experimental heavy-class infantry weapon, developed as a man-portable version of the mounted VnS-10 machine gun. The Scylla Chaingun was deployed by the Helghast for use by their supreme troopers, who are it's exclusive users thanks to its extreme weight and the tremendous recoil generated by its 12.7 x 99 mm cartridge. It has been nicknamed the "bullet hose" by the Helghast due to its extremely high rate of fire. The weapon is not usable by the player in campaign or multiplayer. The gun usually needs no more than a few shots to kill the player depending on the skill setting and it appears in Killzone: Liberation. The Weapon Wielded by the Heavy troopers in Killzone 2 & 3 are similar to VnS-10s, but as with most of the franchise's weapons from Killzone 2 onwards they have received a significant graphical overhaul. Now called the StA-6, the heavy machine gun bears greater rebalance to the StA-3 Light Machine Gun and is belt-fed from a large ammo pack worn on the user's back, as opposed to the drum magazine feed used on the original Scylla. The StA-6 is also fitted with a large box-fed grenade launcher mounted underneath it's barrel.

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