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Vladko Tyran
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Age 33
Race Helghast
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title Terrorist
Affiliation BlackHand miniStahlArms miniHGH mini
"'We are the Black Hand. Forged in the fires of Helghan, and this is our day.'"
—Vladko Tyran[src]

Vladko Tyran (2357 - July 7, 2390) was the jealous, and fully mad leader of the Helghast splinter faction known as "The Black Hand" (a terrorist group consisting of radicals, fanatics and ex-military personnel who sought to reignite the Vektan-Helghast war) and the secondary antagonist of Killzone: Shadow Fall.


He was born shortly after the Terracide and was considered a miracle child by Helghast propaganda around the time of his birth. That being the case, he and his foster father Kris Howl formed the Black Hand, and eventually their radical views turned into terrorism and violence. New Helghan was quick to publicly condemn Tyran's actions as Black Hand leader during his adult life. He took control of the Black Hand from Howl. It is unknown if he took control through force or carried on in Howl's footsteps.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

Tyran personally led an attack on the VSA Headquarters by bombing the main building, and was holding several civilians hostage. He was pursued by the Shadow Marshal, Lucas Kellan after the hostages were freed. Tyran later ambushed Kellan and stabbed his leg with a knife (in which Tyran mockingly told Lucas to keep it), and ran towards a stolen Heavy VTOL. Lucas followed suit and dangled from a rope connected to the transport. Tyran soon kicked Kellan off the carrier as he was about to board and successfully escaped back to New Helghan. 

Afterwards he was heard throughout Chapter 5 commanding his men to kill Kellan in Containment City. He was eventually found in his hideout communicating with Jorhan Stahl. It was at this point that Kellan learned of the bioweapon Hillary Massar made for Stahl.

Stahl then told Tyran that Lucas is behind him and the two duel. Tyran used his knife, and as he was pinned against a wall he told Lucas to "make his country proud" by killing him. But, explosions rocked the building and Kellan was pushed out. He saw the building explode and presumed Tyran dead. Later it was revealed Tyran had survived.

Afterward, Tyran relocated to Stahl's base on planet Helghan. Kellan and Echo pursued him there and discovered him after overcoming many of Stahl's guards. Tyran had a final confrontation with the two, where he was using a unique type of shield drone technology developed and provided by Stahl.

However, he was defeated. Tyran was cornered and Echo demanded from him on how to deactivate Massar's bioweapon. He refused to divulge anything except his contempt for New Helghan's compromises with the Vektan people. He was then shot in the head by Echo.


Highly vengeful and fanatical to the point of insanity, Tyran was hellbent on exacting revenge against Vektans for what they did to Helghan. By leading the Black Hand he hoped to destroy the fragile peace between the two factions and turn it into all-out war. He would stop at nothing "until the streets run red with Vektan blood".



  • He is voiced and modeled after Crispian Belfrage
  • He dresses in a similar fashion as his men, albeit without the hood.
  • In Shadow Fall multiplayer, there is a player icon of him, entitling him as "The Patriot".
  • In a news article it shows a baby buried in rubble after a earthquake hit a hospital. The baby had a identity bracelet that said "V. Tyran".