Visari Square is the third mission in Killzone 2's single player campaign. It continues directly where the last mission left off, with Sev and Garza continuing onward to capture Visari Square.


Sev and Garza, now safe from the ATAC, continue onward, but the two split up when Rico informs them that they need Sev to help them fight off the higs. Garza goes off to deliver the Petrusite sample he found to Captain Narville. Sev continues, encountering many Helghast that unsuccessfully try to slow him down. He finally reaches Rico and Natko, who are pinned by Helghast defenses. After fighting off squad after squad of Helghast, the three manage a straight path right to Visari Square.

Once there, they are reunited with Garza and Narville. The group engages in a bloody conflict, with multiple helghast waves, including several heavies, but the group still manages to overcome. Narville takes Garza's petrusite sample to Evelyn Batton for research. Narville then assigns Sev and Garza to lead the assault on the Salamun Bridge.

Intel and Symbol LocationsEdit

Intel LocationsEdit

  1. In between a pair of bookcases in Malik Back Allys. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one.
  2. Once you help Rico and Natko kill all hostiles, the next room you go in will have intel in the corner.

Symbol LocationsEdit

  1. Up on the Helghast building with flags, it will be under the brightest central tower.
  2. Tucked away in the top floor of building 2 in the Prefects office. It is behind a door you cannot enter but you can shoot through.
  3. At the top of the stairs in the Malik Back Allys, look at the wired door at the top, look left to find it.
  4. Enter Ostaja End just before crossing a bridge. You'll go up a flight of stairs, and a symbol will be easy to spot at the top.
  5. The big courtyard at the end houses the last symbol. It will be on the second floor of the buildings there.

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