Helghast evacuation

The Cold War begins as the Helghast flee their dead world.

The Cold War on Vekta is the result of the end of the Second Extrasolar War. With the Helghast fleet, industries, and planet in total ruin, the Vektan government offered the survivors of Helghan a place on their planet. The Helghast, out of anger, fear, and a desire to maintain their independence, began isolating themselves from the humans. Vekta was partitioned and a massive wall was constructed to divide the planet in half, and soon tensions rapidly escalated, with ISA cruisers patrolling their skies of Vekta City and keeping a close eye on the Helghast, who have counterparts patrolling their own airspace.

Thirty years after the resettlement, tensions began to heat up. Helghast terrorists began attacking Vekta City in response to VSA forces continuously probing into New Helghan, collecting information and engaging in full scale fire fights with Helghast Security Forces while the Vektan Council and Earth uphold trade embargoes and economic sanctions against the Helghast.  


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