Vekta Evacuates is the second level in Killzone 1. The ISA is in full retreat and communications with units in

The main gate is the first part of the level

the field is becoming sporadic and the ISA fortress is the only safe haven. The player originally has to fight the way to the fortress gates and then hold off two assaults from the Helghast. The first is by land with two APCs and their troops followed by a hover tank. Use the sniper rilfe and dispatch the gunners on the APCs once they are dispatched you will face a hover tank if you don't have a rocket luancher hold position in cover and two lancers will come and destroy the tank, then enter the base. Once inside the base the player most repel an platoon of Helghast troopers from a dropped in from a dropship afterwards the player meets with the general and is given a briefing on rescuing colonel Hakha. Before the briefing ends the Helghast launch a full scaled assault on the base penetrating the walls and pushing for high command Cpt. Templar gets to his feet and begins a mission to push the Helghast out and find the security key as the base evacuates the wounded and high ranking personnel.

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