Valeria Harkin
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Killzone: Mercenary
Age -
Race Helghast
Planet Helghan
Status Deceased
Title -
Affiliation HGH mini
Valeria Harkin was the mother of Justus Harkin, and the wife of ISA Ambassador Sepp Harkin.


Valeria was born in the year of 2315 to the prominent Tobek family. She graduated from Pyrrhus Academy in 2336 and pursued a career in administration. She received a promotion at some point to 3rd Assistant Controller, Ministry of Public Works. She was once reprimanded for criticism of promotion opportunities for women.  

Valeria met Sepp Harkin at an event on 2346, and began a secret relationship with him. They went public on 2348, and married, much to the shock of many. On 2349, she gave birth to Justus Harkin. 

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  • She is the shortest lived female character.
  • Boris' dialogue suggests that Valeria may have been a prostitute at some point.