Valeria Harkin
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'Killzone: Mercenary'
Titles none
Planet Helghan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Race Helghast
Role Ambassador's wife
Affiliation Helghast
Weapons none

Valeria Harkin was the mother of Justus Harkin, and the wife of ISA Ambassador Sepp Harkin.


At some point, Valeria and Sepp married. It is possible this was done to ease tensions of an ISA ambassador on Helghan.

She does not appear to be well liked by her people: The Helghast army considers her a traitor for having married a Vektan, and the Harkins' bodyguard, Boris, describes Valeria as a whore.


  • She is the shortest lived female character.
  • Boris' dialogue suggests that Valeria may have been a prostitute at some point.

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