The VC9 Missile Launcher

The VC9 Missile Launcher is the Helghast Rocket Launcher and is manufactured by Visari Corporation. It fires 66 mm rockets from disposable magazine tubes attached to a firing port. Players can carry 3 rockets at any given time, in both the Campaign and Multiplayer. Its common uses include demolishing enemy equipment and armor, and clearing obstacles. The VC9 has a slightly faster reload time than the M80 Rocket Launcher, but lacks the lock-on feature that the M80 has.

In Multiplayer, the VC9 can be used when being the default soldier, or when the Assault badge is selected.


  • Clip Size: 3
  • Max Clips: 1
  • Max Rounds: 3
  • Reload Time: 3.9 sec
  • First Appearance: Corinth River: Corinth Sands

Round Damage
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 4 750 0 - 4 750
4.1 - 4.5 70 4.1 - 4.5 70
4.6 - 8 1 4.6 - 8 1


  • The VC9 bears much resemblance to the M72 LAW rocket launcher used by the U.S. Military with the ability to be reloaded. Its length and handgrip also resembles that of the SMAW anti-armor rocket launcher.
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