VC5 Arc Rifle

VC5 Arc Rifle


The VC5 Arc/Electricity Gun

The VC5 Arc Rifle is one of the latest additions to the Helghast arsenal and is manufactured by Visari Corporation. The VC5 holds four reservoirs of weapons-grade petrusite, a substance which draws energy from the surrounding air and condenses it into high voltage charges. When fired, the electrical charge locks onto the closest conductive target and other targets close enough to that target. It has interruptable reload, which is ideal in the middle of a fight.

It is a medium-range weapon found in Killzone 2, and it is also a campaign-only weapon, and is only found once in the entire game, in the Tharsis Refinery.

This weapon returns in Killzone 3, wielded by specialized Stahl Arms Troopers. It is, unfortunately, unwieldable.


  • Tank Duration: 3.1
  • Max Tanks: 4
  • Max Duration: 12.4
  • Reload Time: 6.5
  • First Appearance: Therasis Refinery: Lower Refinery Complex

Arc Damage

Single Player Campaign

Multiplayer Warzone
Range DPS* Not used in MP.
0 - 25 (Main Arc) 90
0 - 5 (Secondary Arc) 30
0 - 2 (Tertiary Arc) 10
  • Damage Per Second

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