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VC30 Sickle - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide05:03

VC30 Sickle - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The VC30 Sickle is a Helghast shotgun designed by the Visari Corporation, and featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Sickle has a unique dual-barrel, dual-magazine design that allows for two different ammunition types to be loaded at once.

Weapon InformationEdit

The VC30 is a powerful close quarters beast thanks to its unique design. It can be loaded with both the standard shotgun shell, as well as incendiary rounds. The standard shells have a limited range but deal a lot of damage, often resulting in a one hit kill. Incendiary rounds do not do much damage on impact, but will light an enemy on fire dealing massive damage over time. This weapon can be used by the Support class in Shadow Fall's multiplayer.


The overal design of the VC30 bears heavy resemblance to the UTAS-15 shotgun.


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