VC21 Bolt Gun

VC21 Bolt Gun

The VC21 Boltgun, also known as "The Handyman", was originally built as an industrial tool before being modified into a weapon by the early Helghan settlers and is manufactured by Visari Corporation.

The high-speed bolts the Boltgun fires are able to pierce standard Helghast and ISA armor with incredible ease, sending most enemies flying backwards and pinning them to the nearest surface before finally exploding a few seconds after impact. It is only found in the Suljeva Village and Tharsis Refinery missions, usually on Miners or in weapon racks.

It is also available in multiplayer, but it is not equipable for any classes and must be picked up (see in statistics).


The Boltgun is most useful at short-mid range, as it is very effective at literally removing unwanted enemies from your immediate area. Due to the slow speed of the individual bolts, it is less useful at long range. However, an experienced player can make easy kills on enemies who poke around cover to fire. The radius of the resulting explosion is considerably small, and is only really useful on an enemy who is directly hit. Despite this, the explosion will kill any enemy it narrowly misses, as long as they don't move.

Due to the Boltgun's low ammunition reserve, it is advised to move closer to ranged enemies first before firing, to ensure that your shot isn't wasted. Taking a long range shot may leave you vulnerable to Snipers, and would be more difficult to make the shot.

In multiplayer, try to sneak in first before firing to ensure that you hit your target, and are not shot down before firing. Although it has accuracy comparable to the VC32 Sniper Rifle, it is much harder to fire with similar accuracy due to the lack of a scope and the significantly lower velocity of its ammunition, but lacks any form of drop once fired.


  • Clip Size: 10
  • Max Clips: 2
  • Max Rounds: 20
  • Round Fuse Time: 3 sec
  • Round Reload Time: 1.2 sec (this is the time it takes to changed another round after a single shot)
  • Clip Reload Time: 3.7 sec
  • First Appearance: Souljeva Village: Maintenance Office
  • Multiplayer: Yes (Napalm & Cordite DLC pack) Arctower Landing: in between the two bases on the middle elevated part, will see two flashing yellow lights

Explosion Damage*
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Damage unknown
0 - 1.5 20
1.6 - 3 1

*The bolt gun is a 1-hit-kill against humanoid targets.


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