VC1 flamethrower

The VC1 Flamethrower

The VC1 Flamethrower is a flamethrower manufactured by Visari Corporation. It was a weapon in Killzone: Liberation, and is first found in Killzone 2 during the mission "Salamun District". Later in the game, it is used by Helghast army Pyro Trooper's.

It projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid at high pressure, allowing the user to arc the stream behind cover and splash nearby enemies; the flammable liquid itself consists of low-octane gasoline and an unidentified component indigenous to Helghan. Much like the StA3, the design seems to be based on the German MG42, and the detachble fuel canister seems to be inspired by the flamethrower from the 1986 sci-fi/horror/action movie Aliens .

It is very useful for clearing enemies out from behind cover or from bunkers, but careless use can be dangerous to the user. Players should take advantage of the VC1's ability to quickly incapacitate Helghast, but be wary that a brief spray may not result in a kill. Like the VC21 Boltgun, it is available in multiplayer, but unfortunately it is not equip-able for any classes and must be picked up (see statistics).


  • Tank Size: 100
  • Max Tanks: 2
  • Max Fuel: 200
  • Duration Per Tank: 10
  • Reload Time: 5.3 sec
  • First Appearance: Salamun District: Canal Bank
  • Multiplayer: Yes (Napalm & Cordite DLC) Suljeva Cliffside: at the bottom of the ridges, closer to the ISA side
Explosion Damage*
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage 11.2
0 - 1.4 (Ground Fire) 15
0 - 35 (Flame Jet) 10

*Damage per Second

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