Hey, wiki! I don't think any of you guys know me, and I don't expect any one of you to, but I have something to say. I have to praise the brutal melee mechanic of Killzone 3. It's the best melee mechanic I've ever experienced in a shooting game. Let me tell you why.

Way too many games have been trying to follow Call of Duty. The insta-kill knife is no fun. It's just a stab. No satisfaction! Battlefield, my favorite, uses a knife, too. It's an insta kill, but it was a step closer in the right direction. Rather than being instant, it would take a very short moment to work. Which was good! Players couldn't just run up and stab the shit out of people. But it was still inconsistent. Killzone 3's brutal melee, however, is the best.

It's functional. It works! I've only been playing botzone, but the brutal melee has never 'not registered'. It always worked. It's not instant. It takes a second to preform, so one can't just run in and kill the shit out of everyone with it. Finally, it's satisfying. Simply stabbing a player is lame. It doesn't feel special! But that brutal melee! Oh man, that is satisfying. I'm one to get myself immersed in a game, so when I get on a baddie and jam that blade into their GODDAMNED EYE and TWIST IT...FUCK that is way more satisfying that just a little stab.

So major kudos for brutal melee, for making a melee kill a satisfying kill.

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