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    I posted this on a forum thread about whether or not the Cold War or a TEW would be better for Kz5, it's mostly just about the backstory to the war, and what gameplay opportunities it would give if the story was used.

    I would like the Cold War to end and a Third Extrasolar War to kick off, and I have an idea for how the TEW would kick off.

    Firstly, an introduction- I’ve really wanted to play as the Helghast since day one, because a, they look far cooler than the ISA, and b, because if you read the timeline, you realise that the UCN are the real aggressors and that the Helghast have either been fighting for their freedom, fighting to get back their old home-world (Vekta), or fighting to keep their new home-world.

    After all, the UCN threw a s**…

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