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    Throughout the week, Killzone fans sent in questions with the hope of their question being answered, today Steven ter Heide has answered a few. Here's a couple of them.

    Rurico Martinez asks: What is the biggest change in this Killzone game that it makes it feel different from the other ones?

    Obviously, we are keeping what is great about Killzone - we have a unique universe, iconic enemies and some great features like the hit-responses, first person cover and the melee system. But we’re also building on that, expanding and polishing those systems with things like drop-down melees and combo melee attacks. More importantly though, we’re adding many more player abilities and providing larger, more open arenas for you to play in and find your own…

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  • ToCxHawK

    Killzone Mercenary has been announced at GamesCom 2012, giving a live action trailer giving some details to the new addition to the Killzone series. The plot of the game is still unknown but from the trailer, it is shown the game will revolve around mercenaries. Fighting along side ISA and Helghast. According to the mercenary in the trailer, there is no right, there is no evil. There is only the mission and the money that comes with it. Whether the player being on is still unknown, it is heavily implied.

    Here is the video if the video above isn't loading. It can be found here

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