PSN came back online yesterday (evening?- I was out all day and missed most of the fuss). This whole thing happened at a good time (not that I really think that there's a 'good' time for such things). Instead of moping about how I couldn't play Brink (what a joke, glad I never bought into it or worse yet, bought it) I Platinumed Uncharted 1 (I got a late start on the whole PS3 thing). Also beat Uncharted 2 a couple of times, collected some trophies for that as well.

Besides that lovely time (and it really was excellent), I beat Killzone 3 on Elite on co-op. I started playing it single player to get the trophy. It's kind of... boring really. I got kinda frustrated. I skipped the Exo mission and beat most of the jungle mission. Skipped the intro mission as well, I'll do that whenever I feel committed enough I guess.

Trophy-wise I only have a select few trophies left to collect. The gold trophy for beating the game on Elite (single-player only), the bronze trophy for destroying everything on the MAWLR (which I haven't actually been able to do in single-player OR co-op in the numerous times I've played the game), the bronze trophy for killing five Helghast at once with the artilery mode of the WASP, and the silver trophy for killing an Exo while flying in a jetpack (@#&R#S!!). Sometime soon hopefully, although only pure luck will get me that last one- Jah knows I've been trying.

Well, until next time.

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