It's been a little while, my apologies to anyone who reads this and has been checking for updates hourly (hahaha, a novel concept). Let me begin by saying that I finally did figure out the section in the Kaznan Jungle. Apparently you are not to kill ANY of the Helghast standing around the Troup Carriers. This actually makes sense, because when the final Troup Carrier arrives one would think that the troups would be finally alerted that their comrades are dead. Rather silly of me not to have thought that through properly at first. (And by the way, even if the soldier was glitching you can still sneak past and not be detected). So yes I now have that trophy. Another step closer to achieving Platinum in the game. I'm only missing a couple trophies, mainly story-related ones (destroy everything with the minigun on the Intruder, destroy all the weapons on the MAWLR while on foot and on the Intruder, etc.), and I am halfway through Elite on co-op. It's actually a LOT more fun, I highly recommend it to all, the lack of targeting reticles can make for a great time. After you become accustomed to the difficulty it's actually not too bad, it feels much more real and identifiable (so yes a shot from an enemy's VC32 Sniper Rifle will actually kill you now). I don't know if the game adjusts its difficulty for co-op, but I don't think it does, so if you're looking for an easier time, play through Elite on co-op with a competent friend. It's working out well for me.

This actually brings us up to the next order of business, the latest map pack. I was all excited for Steel Rain to come out today. Unfortunately it came out today... in Europe. As I live in Canada, it won't become available until the 12th of April, another 6 days from now. That's actually okay, as I have university exams until the end of April, and the later the release date, the less I'll be missing in the new maps. ALSO, speaking of online play, the ONLY online trophy I'm currently missing is the Squad based one, so if anybody wants to add me as a Playstation friend to do that (although I don't know why you would, honestly), I will gladly add you back for that purpose.

Anyways, ta-ta, so long for now.

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