So i posted this in the forum on but i seem to be the only one who had this trouble. in the sneaky area where you have to stealth-kill (COD anyone?) all the Helghast soldiers i'm having some trouble with one soldier occasionaly (only occasionally now that i got the latest patch) getting stuck on one of the three troop carriers and bouncing back and forth. while playing the game through the first and second times (on Co-op) we barreled our way through guns blazing so this wasn't an issue, but on single player it has been. i did finally get through, but i didn't get the trophy, having saved partway through the chapter to pick it up later. this bug has irritated me most, as it's more or less impossible to get through that section (on 1-player) without stealth killing, but the bug is making it impossible to do so. further frustration, as i wanted to get a few more trophies (as i'm already close to Platinuming the game) on single player before tackling it on Elite with a friend.

On a separate note the multiplayer continues to be very fun, i look forward to new map packs, advancements and upgrades. people keep bitching about how KZ2 was better, but keep in mind that that was all add-on, KZ3 will get the same treatment, i'm sure.

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