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March 18, 2011
  • The Swann

    4- Circles

    May 16, 2011 by The Swann

    PSN came back online yesterday (evening?- I was out all day and missed most of the fuss). This whole thing happened at a good time (not that I really think that there's a 'good' time for such things). Instead of moping about how I couldn't play Brink (what a joke, glad I never bought into it or worse yet, bought it) I Platinumed Uncharted 1 (I got a late start on the whole PS3 thing). Also beat Uncharted 2 a couple of times, collected some trophies for that as well.

    Besides that lovely time (and it really was excellent), I beat Killzone 3 on Elite on co-op. I started playing it single player to get the trophy. It's kind of... boring really. I got kinda frustrated. I skipped the Exo mission and beat most of the jungle mission. Skipped the in…

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  • The Swann

    It's been a little while, my apologies to anyone who reads this and has been checking for updates hourly (hahaha, a novel concept). Let me begin by saying that I finally did figure out the section in the Kaznan Jungle. Apparently you are not to kill ANY of the Helghast standing around the Troup Carriers. This actually makes sense, because when the final Troup Carrier arrives one would think that the troups would be finally alerted that their comrades are dead. Rather silly of me not to have thought that through properly at first. (And by the way, even if the soldier was glitching you can still sneak past and not be detected). So yes I now have that trophy. Another step closer to achieving Platinum in the game. I'm only missing a couple tro…

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  • The Swann

    So i posted this in the forum on but i seem to be the only one who had this trouble. in the sneaky area where you have to stealth-kill (COD anyone?) all the Helghast soldiers i'm having some trouble with one soldier occasionaly (only occasionally now that i got the latest patch) getting stuck on one of the three troop carriers and bouncing back and forth. while playing the game through the first and second times (on Co-op) we barreled our way through guns blazing so this wasn't an issue, but on single player it has been. i did finally get through, but i didn't get the trophy, having saved partway through the chapter to pick it up later. this bug has irritated me most, as it's more or less impossible to get through that section…

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  • The Swann

    1- Firsts

    March 19, 2011 by The Swann

    There is a first for everything. Most people only focus on things like sex for the first time, but if they were to spend more time thinking about it they would realize that things like playing Killzone for the first time are much more relevant, particularly if a person happens to be susceptible to psychosis. If it were less late at night, and if I were not working in the morning, then I would give a rather lengthy opinion piece concerning my views of Killzone 3. However, as the aforementioned statements are all truths, I will be doing no such thing this particular evening. Thus, dear reader, if you are indeed reading this (you are the only one), you have a series of sporadic blogs to look forward to (if you even care at all, which you prob…

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