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    Stahl Arms toughts

    April 16, 2011 by Stahl Arms

    First, i apology for my english but i will try to improve with time ...

    Here are some of my toughts about the controversial story and ending of killzone 3 (really a masterpiece)

    First some basic considerations:

    1) Guerilla knows that out there most of the Killzone fans cheer for the Helghast side, so they would never wipe them out from the planet, they just want you to think so...

    2) Killzone 3 has shown us that Helghast are, after all, like normal humans, greedy, power hungry, cruel and also corrupted (like the guards on the space station and Stahl private Army)

    3) Irradiated Petrusite is not dangerous unless its charged someway, we can see it clearly in the first level, when Rico touch it and also in the mulyplayer level, one of them take pla…

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