RoboPlato from NeoGaf sent me this private message of the dossier, word for word, after I asked him about game collectibles:

"Visari, Maya

Age: 24

Known aliases: Echo

Psychological assessment: Unknown (field report suggests above average intelligence)

Current position: Tactical field operations. Covert (field report verified)

Believed to be the daughter of Chancellor Visari. Awaiting confirmation as and when a reliable blood sample can be obtained. Father is thought to be Vektan, identity yet to be ascertained. Little is known of Maya's early history. It is believed she was housed in a boarding school outside of the city. Most likely had limited contact with her mother throughout this period.

She returned to the city at around the age of 16 having acquired considerable firearms and combat training. She was put to work for Commander Saric, with the aim of infiltrating a number of anti-government groups within New Helghan. She is fiercely defensive of her people. Highly dangerous and wanted for multiple counts of murder and espionage."

Yay, I'm so happy about finally getting this info. Now I can go write more of my fic. :D


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