What kind of role does the Helghast Infantry have in Killz
Kzsf fe 2013-10-08 helghast-infantry 04
one Shadow Fall?

Dan Calvert: “We added a lot of new ideas to Killzone Shadow Fall, but we also wanted to show the familiar Helghast regular forces and how they’ve evolved since Killzone 3. In many ways they have changed, but in some respects they’re the same – their gear and tactics have evolved, but they’re all still zealous and brutal Helghast troopers on the inside.”

Roy Postma: “They’re still the mainstay of the Helghast military, of course, but the role of the military itself has shifted since the war has gone cold. After incurring devastating losses during the destruction of Helghan, the Helghast military was forced to rethink its attrition-based approach to warfare. While rebuilding and restructuring itself in the ensuing arms race with the VSA, its focus shifted to obtaining an edge over the status quo by any means except open warfare.

With limited numbers of able-bodied Helghast available, the infantry required a new breed of soldiers – more durable, more versatile, smarter – and most importantly, able to perform in different and more specialized roles than before. These soldiers are now used to police their own population, guard the endless borders against ISA incursions, and tip the balance in their favor wherever, however and whenever they can.”

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Dan Calvert: “Still, while their ability to field masses of troopers isn’t an option anymore, the Helghast doctrine of overwhelming force hasn’t changed all that much. They’ve just improved the force capability of individual troopers, and augmented them with an enormous army of combat drones. If and when war comes, these guys will march over the walls and take Vekta through raw power.”

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