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  • I live in Pyrrhus City, Helghan
  • My occupation is Colonel of the Helghast Military
  • I am Mael
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    UCN Opression

    May 8, 2013 by Col Radec

    First off, I'll say I've personally always been more sympathetic to the helghast in this series. I used to hate the ISA, always wanting to see the main characters die or something (I think we can all at least find common grounds about this with Rico). But, the more I have read the backstory and the more I've played the games, I've lost alot of my hatred to them. Rather, my hatred has transferred to their older brother, the UCN. Throughout the entire series, the UCN has maintained an iron vicegrip on the colonies, threatening practical armageddon to anyone who so much as considers the idea of being independent. The First Extrasolar War shows their intentions to anyone who dares to question them, yet the ISA armies unquestioningly protect th…

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