UCA cruisers on the offensive

The UCN Navy Cruiser is the main battleship of the UCA Navy.


The ship appears to be twice the size of an ISA Cruiser, coming in at least 1.1km in its length. Its role and status in combat is more akin to a dreadnought or battleship than a standard cruiser-weight vessel. This discrepancy exists due to massive budget constraints placed upon the ISA, as the UCN's main desire is to remain far more powerful than all of the differring ISA branches put together. The difference in size is a consequence of the UCN's desire to maintain superior military technology over their colonies; the UCA Navy chooses to maintain a more advanced and powerful fleet of warships for itself as a subtle threat to the colonies, to prevent any one ISA branch from growing too powerful or idependant, and ensure they will never be outgunned in the event a system's ISA forces rebel.

Other differences between the two designs is that the UCN Cruiser is structured on the horizontal plane, while the ISA Cruiser is built along a vertical axis. The UCN Cruiser also appears to carry more direct-energy weapons, as well as a large quantity of missiles with MIRV warheads, as seen when they began their attack on the SD platform at the end of Killzone. During the assault on the SD Platform, the UCA Navy lost two of their vessels to the platform's defenses. While the exact specifications of the UCN Cruiser remain largely undisclosed, given the fact the Helghast sought to capture the SD Platform and began efforts to create a fleet capable of fighting the UCA Navy on equal or better terms it is clear that the UCN vessels represent the zenith of current naval technology, enabling Earth to enforce its will across the known galaxy.