<</gallery>Tharsis Depot is a Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 online multiplayer map.
925061-tdmap super

A map of the Tharsis Depot level

925060-tdconart super

Original concept art of the Tharsis Depot level

Killzone 2Edit

The map's small size encourages blood, chaos, and gunfire at all times. This level is full of alternate paths one can take to get to an objective, or simply to the opposing faction. It is full of broken machinery, industrial scrap metal, and high bridges and sniper vantage points.

The map is based off the single player mission Tharsis Refinary.

Killzone 3Edit

The map returns for Killzone 3's multiplayer in the From the Ashes pack, and has jetpack spawners placed throughout the area now.