The Tactician Class appears in Killzone 2. A similar class appears in Killzone 3, also named Tactician.

Killzone 2Edit

is unlocked at the rank of Major. The main weapons for the Tactician are the M82 & StA52 Assault Rifles, along with a Sidearm.


  • Primary Badge: Spawning Grenade, when this is thrown, friendlies can spawn on this, facing the direction the grenade was thrown from.
  • Secondary Badge: Drone Beacon, when this is thrown, a drone will come and attack nearby enemies.


The ability to place spawn points can turn the tide of a battle by allowing reinforcements quick entry to the front lines. The spawn points can only be thrown a short distance and players that spawn on them will be facing the opposite direction that it was thrown. If you are facing a wall and you throw the spawn point towards it, your teammates will spawn facing away from the wall. Be careful where you throw your spawn point though as most of the time, enemy soldiers will camp near the spawn point and the whole thing becomes a spawn and die festival. A good tactic to prevent this from happening is to secure the area around the Grenade, then throw it, then wait as more people Spawn from it.

The Drone is useful for defending a Search and Destroy zone, as it can kill (de)fusers before they can plant/defuse a bomb.


  • In campaign, there are no Tacticians in the battle, but they are always mentioned in battles as CO or squad officers by soldiers.
  • With the exception of the Helmet and the radio (?), ISA Tacticians wear the same uniform as Garza, Natko and Sev.
  • The picture shown above has a mistake that the Helghast shown is supposed to be the medic. The real Helghast tactician is supposed to have a helmet resembles to the advanced infantry's in campaign.