The Tactician is a playable class in the Killzone 3 Multiplayer.
Vis CareerLeadership

Tactician with StA11SE

Tacti isa

ISA Tactician

Primary ability:

  • Tactics : Can capture Tactical Spawn Areas in the level which, once captured, allow all faction members to spawn there. Some Tactical Spawn Areas unlock special level-specific objects, like jetpacks or mortar beacons.
  • Tactics + : Reduces the time it takes to capture Tactical Spawn Areas.
  • Tactics ++ : Capture and Hold mission areas and Tactical Spawn Areas can be captured at much faster speeds.

Secondary Ability:

  • Recon : Temporarily mark enemy positions on the mini-map. Any enemies within 30 meters of you will be revealed.
  • Recon + : Activate and throw a beacon to call in a flying Sentry Drone to attack enemies. If no enemies are present the drone will patrol the vicinity for threats.
  • Recon ++ : Upgrades the Tactician's Sentry Drone, allowing it to track and fire faster.

Primary WeaponsEdit

Secondary WeaponsEdit