Supply drop is a game mode in Killzone. There are no random spawning points in this mode, and there are 5 crates in which you put a drop on. to pick it up, you have to walk over it, running will not count. you will immediately become visible to all near-by players. to secure a drop, walk over the crate you wish to put it on. Preferably start with the middle one, then move out. if your first drop is on an outer crate, then it is easier for the enemy to come in and steal it without taking damage and, with a good shot, death. Notice that if you play with a bunch of cpu, the minute they grab that drop, they will gain infinite sprint, will not fight, and get the drop immediately back to base. if you plan to stop these runners, shotgun 'em at close range. that, or blow them up with a well-timed grenade or grenade launcher. bullets will kill them, but tail them if you plan on it. this is available on some maps.

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