Concept art of Stahl-arms deep south

Stahl Arms Deep South is one of the foremost weapons research and development centers for the Helghan Empire, creating very advanced and powerful tools of destruction for the war effort, prominent examples of which can be seen in the StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher and the StA-5X Arc Cannon. It is also likely the main headquarters of the Stahl Arms Corporation, seeing as it housed the invasion plans for Earth and the large contingent of armed forces defending it, including numerous cruisers. Any ISA soldiers captured by Stahls' forces were sent here to be used as living test subjects for the companies weapons testing program, as well as many other incredibly painful and typically lethal experiments at the hands of the corporation. Most of the facility was destroyed during Sevchenko and Rico's rescue of Captain Narville and his men.

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