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StA61 Vultur - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide06:11

StA61 Vultur - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The StA61 Vultur is a semi-automatic sniper rifle developed by Stahl Arms for the Helghast forces. It is notable for being the weapon of choice for Echo, one of the main characters in Killzone: Shadow Fall's campaign.

Weapon InformationEdit

While previous Helghast sniper rifles were built off the StA14 Rifle platform, the StA61 has been rebuilt from the ground up. The Vultur is an advanced rifle that can be used both in the traditional sniper role, as well as on the move thanks to a pneumatic recoil system that gives the player better control of the weapon when firing on the move. The StA61 is available to the Scout class, and has a variety of optical attachments to choose from. The Vultur can also be outfitted with a silencer for stealthier play.


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