StA59B Pulver - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide05:37

StA59B Pulver - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The StA59B Pulver is a Helghast assault rifle manufactured by Stahl Arms, and introduced in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It appears to be built off the same base weapon platform as the StA101 Kameraad sniper rifle.

Weapon InformationEdit

The StA59B Pulver is a vastly different kind of assault rifle when compared to traditional Helghast weapon design. It features a slower rate of fire, but is more effective at a longer distance than most assault rifles. It appears to be a modified version of the StA101 Kameraad (or vice-versa) as the two weapons are nearly identical, but the StA59B is capable of fully-automatic fire compared to the semi-automatic only StA101. The StA59B can be equipped only by the Support class in multiplayer and can be outfitted with a variety of optics and underbarrel attachments, including a lock-on missile launcher.


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