StA4 Stova - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

StA4 Stova - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

Weapon Overview Video

The StA4 Stova is a Light Machine Gun fielded by the Helghast Infantry in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Its designation of 'StA4', as well as the shared nickname, 'Stova',  suggests that it is the successor to the lethal StA-3 LMG. The fact that the StA4 seems to be the only light machine-gun fielded by any of the Helghast units seen in Shadow Fall also suggests this.

The StA4 is available only for the support class in Shadow Fall's multiplayer. In multiplayer, the Dot Laser is unlocked as standard, serving as the default weapon sight. However, as with most other weapons in multiplayer, the Holo sight and ACOG attachments are unlockable to increase scope magnification. The underbarrel Mobile Mine and Missile attachments are also unlockable.

The StA4 is fed from the right-hand side by a large, 75-round snail-drum magazine and has an average, 500rpm rate of fire. Its reload time, however, is significantly slower than most other automatic weapons in multiplayer, taking 5.5 seconds to complete.

The accuracy of hip fire is rather low, and the weapon suffers from significant and ungainly vertical recoil, as well as a large muzzle-flash.