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StA25 Vlug - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide05:01

StA25 Vlug - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The StA25 Vlug is a Helghast sub-machine gun manufactured by Stahl Arms featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is a direct successor to the StA-11 from the previous games in the Killzone franchise. Unlike its predecessor, the StA-25 features a bullpup design and a unique 30-round helical motorized drum magazine reminscent in Stahl Arms weaponry. Unlike the other weapons in Shadow Fall, which are mostly upgrades to the existing weaponry, the StA-25 is almost a different gun altogether from the StA-11. The gun is widely used by Helghast Security forces and is mainly equipped by the standard Security Troopers that patrol the urban populated areas in New Helghan and the border area, including The Wall. In multiplayer, the gun is very customizable and can be equipped by the Assault Class. It comes with a multitude of interchangeable attachments, such as a holographic sight, an underbarrel shotgun, an ACOG sight, a silencer and much more. 

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