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StA19 Reigner - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide03:36

StA19 Reigner - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide

The StA19 Reigner is the standard sidearm of the Helghast forces, featured for the first time in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is the immediate successor to the StA18 Pistol seen previously, and the only weapon that can be used by all classes in Shadow Fall.

Weapon InformationEdit

The functionality of the StA19 is almost identical to its predecessor, and its most distinctive features -- a front-mounted drum magazine and Luger-inspired cocking mechanism -- remain intact. The body of the handgun has been redesigned to take a more angular, downward shape that does a better job of countering recoil. The Reigner is also one of only a handful of Helghast weapons that does not feature a bullpup design. The StA19 can be outfitted with a variety of attachments, including a silencer for those who want to run a stealthier loadout.

Trivia Edit

  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall you can unlock Colonel Radec as a player icon with 50 kills with the Reigner. This is a pun, as he suicides with the pistol's predecessor.


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