WASP Launcher

The WASP Launcher

The StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher is an automatic multi-shot rocket launcher developed by Stahl Arms. It is a weapon to be seriously reckoned with and can take out virtually any vehicle at either the Helghast's or the ISA's disposal.

Its Damage Level is Level 4, its Rate of Fire Level is Level 4, its Accuracy Level is Level 5, and its Range Level is Level 5. The W.A.S.P. It can be fired in a burst mode which can be fired several times in its clip or in an artillery mode which depletes the whole clip but does considerably more damage. It can also be mounted or carried separately. The W.A.S.P only has infinite ammo when on the mount.

The W.A.S.P. is used several times in the Killzone 3 campaign but can only be used when mounted in multiplayer. In campaign, the launcher is first found in the mission "Icy Incursion". W.A.S.P launchers are also found in several places on Corinth Highway.

In Killzone 3 multiplayer, it could be found as a mounted weapon (on Corinth Highway and the revamped DLC map Salamun Market). The W.A.S.P. is often used by engineers, as they can repair the launcher if necessary. A single burst or an air strike can completely destroy an exoskeleton in multiplayer.

Trivia Edit

  • Killing 1 and 5 Helghast with the launcher's secondary fire will earn the player a trophy.
  • The letter "X" in its name might suggest that the weapon is still in prototype stage. Same thing goes with the StA-5X . However it's weird that one weapon has the "X" before the number, while the another one has it behind it, although they both are manufactured by the same company, so one would expect they have some order in their weapon designations.
  • The VC11 Launcher found in Killzone: Mercenary seems to be the predecessor of the WASP. However, it will only shoot using the Mortar mode, and the player is required to be in an open environment to do so. Also, the reloading mechanism is quite similar to the WASP.