"The low recoil, red dot sight, silencer, and high rate of fire make this an ideal weapon for covert infiltration missions."
— Description
StA-7 Submachine Gun
Blackjack STA7
Killzone: Mercenary
Type Submachine Gun
Manufacturer StahlArms mini
Location BlackjackArmories
Alt/Zoom -
Power Low
Rate of fire High
Accuracy High
Range Low

The StA-7 Submachine Gun is a new Submachine Gun debuting in Killzone Mercenary


The StA-7 is primarily used for covert infiltration missions. It has a high rate of fire and low recoil. However, it has an extremely low damage output and very low range.

It makes up for it's flaws somewhat by having a fairly large capacity of 48 bullets per magazine.


The StA-7 is most effective as a stealth or sneak attack weapon. Therefore, it is practically mandatory to equip a silencer to it. You should fire in quick bursts or go for a headshot.

The StA-7 is not a heavy combat oriented weapon. You should look to the StA-11 Submachine Gun or the LS57 Submachine Gun to fulfill that role.