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The StA-52 Sniper/Light Assault Rifle is a Helghast sniper rifle manufactured by Stahl Arms and is the only known sniper rifle fielded during the invasion of Vekta.

As the weapon's name suggests, it is a development of the StA-52 LAR, although its visual appearance and operation have been altered significantly from the basic rifle. By the time of Killzone 2 a more advanced sniper rifle (the VC32) would be deployed within Helghast forces.

Advantages Edit

Long range, high power, good zoom.

Disadvantages Edit

6 round magazine. Ammunition is hard to find, scope is hard to see through and cannot be used whilst moving. Maintaining aim and lock on a target is impossible as the gun remains unstable. No aiming reticle when not looking through the scope. Low rate of fire.

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