The StA-52SE Assault Rifle is the silenced variant of the StA-52 Assault Rifle, that fires in bursts to minimize recoil. Although it reduces the fire rate, the silencer keeps the player from showing up on enemy radar when firing. It appears in both Killzone 3 and Killzone Mercenary, as a substitute to the standard StA-52 (which can be wielded by NPC Helghasts). 

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

Blackjack STA52SE

In Killzone: Mercenary, the weapon is, with the exception of the reload animation, largely the same gun as seen in Killzone 3, although it is now fully automatic. The fitted silencer keeps players off the radar. This, combined with the weapon's high rate of fire, make it ideal for run-and-gun play styles as well as stealth, and can be used to silently clear an area as none of the enemies can hear the gun when it is shooting.

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