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StA-3 Light Machine Gun

Kz2 StA3 lmg

The StA-3 LMG

The StA-3 Stova Light Machine Gun is used by the Helghast as a support weapon and emplaced weapon, both manufactured by Stahl Arms.

It fires from a 100 (96 in Killzone 2) round, helical drum and has a very high rate of fire. However, its accuracy leaves something to be desired due to the recoil of the 7.62 x 51 mm HSO cartridge, limiting accurate fire to very short bursts. The StA-3 also lacks iron sights, only providing a mediocre (and rather imprecise) "zoom" which further adds to its horrible accuracy at longer ranges.

It excels as a close range weapon, allowing for indiscriminate spraying, but is also effective at medium to long range in the hands of a skilled player (especially when crouched). It is similar to the ISA's M224-A1 LMG in function and in use. In Killzone 3 the guns' accuracy increases massively making it useful at medium/long range as well as close range.

It appears again in Killzone Mercenary, however, it features a bulky red dot sight scope similar to the one found in the StA-14 Rifle, which improves the accuracy zooming but the extra space may obstruct part of your vision.


  • Magazine size: 100, 96 (Killzone 2/ 3), infinite (emplaced)
  • Max Magazines 3
  • Max Rounds: 300, 288 (Killzone 2/ 3), infinite (emplaced)
  • Firing Rate: 16.3
  • Magazine Reload Time: 3.73 sec
  • First Appearance: Suljeva Village: Maintenance Office

Round Damage
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 150 20 0 - 150 25

Trivia Edit

  • The StA-3 is partly based on the WWII German MG42 machine gun, most notably in the appearance of its air-cooled barrel. The MG-42 also has a detachable 120-round drum in reality, units with attached drum magazines are used as mobile light machineguns, again resembling the portable variant of the StA-3.
    • Historically, the MG-42 is also used in massive quantities as emplacement guns which is reflected by the Helghast's penchant for mounting their StA-3's on walls and covers.
  • Colonel Radec uses a modified LMG with higher power and accuracy during the final boss battle with him in Killzone 2.
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