Sta4 battle rifle

StA14 Rifle

StA14 Rifle

StA14 Rifle in Killzone 2.

The StA-14 Rifle has been used by Helghast Riflemen for over 50 years and popular with terrorists as well. Among the troops, it is considered an honor to carry this classic weapon into battle, and it is manufactured by Stahl Arms. It fires 7.62 x 51 mm high-speed, armor-piercing rounds and is very accurate, useful for picking off distant enemies (especially Helghast manning emplacements in the Campaign). Exceptions are the fact that there is no internal magazine and en bloc clip, it has a cylindrical magazine, just like virtually all Helghast weaponry.

Killzone 2Edit

In Killzone 2 Multiplayer, the StA14 is an option for the Saboteur class. As a note, sometimes ammunition for the StA14 can be quite rare, as it isn't the most common Helghan weapon.

  • Zoom: Iron-sight
  • Magazine size: 8
  • Max Magazines: 5
  • Max Rounds: 40
  • Round Reload Time: 0.3 sec (This is the time it takes to chamber another round after a single shot)
  • Magazine Reload Time: 3.6 sec
  • First Appearance: Corinth River: Helghast Rifleman inside the floodgate, Stahl Arms Warehouse

Round Damage
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 150 25 0 - 150 50

Killzone 3Edit

Sta14 kz-merc

The StA14 Rifle as it appears in Killzone 3 & Mercenary.

In Killzone 3, the Stahl Corporation has modified all examples of the StA14 with a mid-range scope, making it more suitable for sniping and long-ranged shots. The weapon's stopping power also seems to have been increased, as in the single player campaign it now deals 4 times as much damage as an assault rifle, compared to only 2.5 times as much damage in Killzone 2. In Killzone 3 multiplayer, the StA14 can only used by the Marksman class. In the Killzone 3 variant of the rifle it has a scope instead of iron sights so its suitable for longer range.

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The StA14 in Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

In Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, the StA14 returned as a part of the Insurgent Pack DLC, and is usable by the Scout class. It resembles its incarnation present in Killzone 3 and Killzone: Mercenary, with the scope attachment. It also has a vertical foregrip attached to the underside of the barrel, a new feature that is standard on all Helghast weaponry.

StA14 Rifle (DLC Weapon) - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide03:41

StA14 Rifle (DLC Weapon) - Killzone Shadow Fall Weapon Guide


  • The VC32 Sniper Rifle from Killzone 2 is a heavily modified variant of the standard StA-14 Rifle.
  • In Killzone 3, it is a trophy challenge to kill the Heavy Trooper in the junkyard with the StA-14 Rifle.
  • This weapon appears to borrow design elements from many contemporary assault rifles and battle rifles, namely the barrel group of the Belgian FN FAL and the upper receiver/firing block of the M14 battle rifle, along with a "thumb-grip" stock resembles that of the Heckler& Koch SL-8, as well as an AR-15 style bolt-carrier visible through a hole in the receiver just behind the grip.


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