Southern Hills

An overview of Southern Hills

Southern Hills is a multiplayer map in the Killzone Series.


A massive multiplayer map in the game Killzone. It basically features two platforms on the two ends of the map where the two factions spawn. There is an elevated climb that eventually leads to a Hilltop base which features several rooms and above-ground walkways. several weapons can be found there along with plenty of ammo. There are also some sniper towers off to the side of the map. you can also find some wooden fences scattered across the map, which usually keep ammo nearby.

Killzone 2Edit

A version of this map was featured in Killzone 2 as part of the Flash and Thunder pack.

In the Killzone 2 version, the map was greatly scaled down. The texture of the map greatly resembled Maelstra Barrens from campaign. The platforms the factions started on are now buildings. The sniper towers also had some new features like walls, however they could still easily be shot, so the walls didn't offer much protection. The hilltop base was now larger and taller than before. The whole map was made to look like it was taking place on Helghan. The most noticeable new feature is the cruiser cannon (nuke) that goes off every once in a while. When the nuke is about to go off, a siren will sound, signaling that you
Southern Hills Killzone 2

A screenshot of a multiplayer game in Southern Hills in Killzone 2.

need to get underground or in a building to survive the explosion. If you pay attention to details, you will see an ISA Cruiser shooting a laser at the ground just like in the intro. This laser is what causes the nuke. Also, in the sky above you, you can see a giant aerial battle raging, with Intruders and Dropships zooming by.