The Silencer is an attachment featured for the first time in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is a conventional silencer which replaces the flash-hider or muzzle break on any weapon which it is equipped on.

The primary benefit of the Silencer attachment is that it prevents the player from showing up on the minimap of the opposing team when firing the weapon which has the Silencer equipped. Other benefits of the Silencer are the reductions it offers to both muzzle flash, and gunshot volume for the weapon with which it is equipped.

The Silencer attachment does not affect the damage of the weapon nor the range in any way. Due to this, it is likely that the weapon still fires full-powered ammunition, whereas most other first-person shooters force the player to use weaker, subsonic ammunition if the player selects a Silencer attachment.

The size and shape of the Silencer will vary depending on the weapon which it is equipped with, however, the overall effect remains the same.

Weapons which can use this attachmentEdit