The Shotgun is an attachment featured for the first time in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is a small, underslung, pump-action shotgun which fires buckshot shotgun shells, available only for the Assault class in multiplayer.

The Shotgun attachment normally carries three shotgun shells loaded in its tubular magazine, with six additional shells in reserve, giving the player a total of nine buckshot shotgun shells.

The Shotgun attachments operates via a forward-pump action, due to the limitations put on the attachment caused by the fact that it has to be mounted in front of the trigger guard. The HUD reticle when hip-firing is identical to that of the other shotguns; the VC30 and LS36.

Only the StA25, StA409, LS21 and M55 of the Assault class can be equipped with the Shotgun attachment. The design of the attachment is identical on both Helghast and VSA weapons, although the Shotgun will take on a white and grey colour-scheme when equipped with the M55, as opposed to the normal black and grey colour scheme.

Weapons which can use this attachmentEdit