Killzone 3 - Shattered Trophy Guide03:36

Killzone 3 - Shattered Trophy Guide

Video by PowerPyx

Starting from the point you rescue Narville, in the next room you will find 10 transparent Glass Panes in the middle of the room with the Stahl logo on it (disconnected triangle). These are the glass panes you need to destroy. You DON'T have to personally destroy them all, it will still count even if your allies or the Helghast destroy them.

Move on into the refrigeration room, destroy 4 glass panes on your right, into the next room and up the stairs. A cutscene will play at the top. After the cutscene, you will be in a fairly large room, and you have to destroy 64 glass panes scattered throughout the room on the ground and on the upper floor. The tricky ones are:

  • From where you enter this room, on the upper level in front of you there are 4 glass panes to the right and 3 glass panes on the far left.
  • The last wave of enemies spawn on the deck above where you entered this room. Go to the far end of the room (don't enter the room Rico opens), look at this deck and at the far back left corner there are 4 glass panes. You may need to grab the Sta-14 to be able to zoom and spot these.

The above excerpt was extracted from "Killzone 3 Trophy Guide" at PS3Trophies.Org.

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