Senator Gunsteling
Senator Gunsteling
Killzone 3
Age -
Race Helghast
Planet Helghan
Status -
Title Senator
Affiliation HGH mini
Senator Gunsteling is a member of the Helghast Senate, also known as the High Council.

Killzone 3 Edit

He is described as being the oldest and most decrepit Senator whom was strongly disliked by Jorhan Stahl, a feeling which appeared to be mutual. Gunsteling is notable for having the most speaking roles of all the Senators, appearing to be a rather influential member who directs the Senate's meetings as a mediator and sat with Orlock and Stahl at Visari's memorial service. He was a strong supporter of Admiral Orlock to succeed Visari as Autarch, only furthering his negative relationship with Stahl, he also seems to be a trusted advisor to Orlock and probably his second in command.

By the end of Killzone 3 his fate is unknown, leaving it to question whether or not he survived the irradiation of Helghan that appeared to kill off most of the population. He is easily recognizable due to his use of a nasal cannula placed into his nostrils, in addition to a small white mustache partially concealed by the hose of the cannula. He is never referred to by name in Killzone 3, instead being one of the only two named Senator's in the Killzone 3 Collector's Guide.