Scout is class that appears in Killzone 2's multiplayer. A similar class named marksman appears in Killzone 3.

The Scout class in Killzone 2 has two badges:

  • Primary badge: Cloaking Device, allows you to cloak yourself. Invisible when not moving, but shows a dark/light tint when moving faster. Also shows dark pieces of armor when moving.
  • Secondary badge: Spot and Mark, activate while standing still to mark all enemies that are visible with a white cross.

Cloaked scouts are almost completely invisible (unless moving) and can only be detected by looking on the radar after the respective scout has fired a shot, moving crosshairs over one,  using Spot and Mark or getting very close. Spot and Mark marks all visible enemies (when the scan goes over the screen) and keeps them marked for approximately one minute, or when they are killed. The only main weapon a Scout can choose is the VC32 Sniper Rifle, and one of the two pistols.