Titles Private
Planet Vekta
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Race Human
Role Defend Vekta.
Affiliation ISA
Weapons M82 Assault Rifle

Pvt. Sanchez was a private in the ISA Rapid Reaction Force.

During the opening stages of the Helghast assault on Vekta he ran through a hail of Helghast machine gun and artillery fire to Jan Templar's position whom at the time was having problems with a radio linked to ISA's fortress on the other side of Vekta City. His actions were reckless and Templar pointed that out but Sanchez replied merely with an introduction and the detonation of a minefield that was being probed by Helghast regulars and a light hover tank.

After the Helghast unit was taken out, he, Templar and a few other RRF troops fell back to another position and held it until the remaining RRF in the area had fallen back. The Helghast proceeded to overrun their positions and were eventually stopped after their armored support was halted by the remaining mines. Sanchez is later killed in the game along with his squad in the Slums. Templar begins to inject him with a syringe but Luger stops him and collects the information on where the spy was being taken. The young man had died just prior to alerting him that he is a half Helghast.

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