925059-smmap super

A map of the Salamun Market Level

925058-smconart super

Original concept art for the level

Salamun Market is a long stretched Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 multiplayer map with a wide street with a stretched S-curve, skybridge above, and a couple of alleys next to the street.

Killzone 2Edit

This map is good with any class, and can have some very intense battles. This map takes place in a city district in Pyrrhus; the Salamun district. It's a very urban battlezone, as you may have guessed, and offers many delightfully murderous opportunities. Each team on this map start on opposite ends of the district, each area with its own uniqueness. This is a long stretched map with a wide street with a stretched S-curve, skybridge above, and a couple of alleys next to the street. In the center of the map where the main street runs through, there are the main buildings, which can accommodate most of the battle on its own and is a nice spot for camping. Most of the buildings within the map area can be entered and are all interconnected. The surrounding areas offer nice places for snipers to scavenge for kills. Perhaps the hardest game mode to accomplish for either side is Search and Destroy because the bomb planting locations are small piles of sandbags that provide little or no cover from the near endless angles of enemy attacks.

Killzone 3Edit

This map returns for multiplayer in Killzone 3 with several modifications. The first and most obvious features are the inclusion of two initial starting bases for each team instead of the original one, a switch from dark nighttime setting to daylight, and the changes made to the in-game mission objectives. New equipment is included such as four Exoskeletons, tactical spawn points and va
Kz3 ss 2011-02-02 retropack 06

Salamun Market in Killzone 3

rious defunct turrets. Other notable changes are purely aesthetic, such as the time of day (now a morning/afternoon setting), as well as the location of destroyed equipment, armour and debris. These changes have significantly altered the original gameplay, creating a highly refreshed experience, even for veteran Killzone 2 players.