The Saboteur class uses a disguise to make himself look like a player from the enemy team. The disguise gives the screen a black blur around the edges, and lasts until the saboteur is shot, or has fired a shot at an enemy. A similar class named infiltrator appears in Killzone 3's multiplayer.

The saboteur badge uses the StA-11 SMG and the StA-14 Rifle. The StA-11 SMG is used most often with players, and can result in easy headshots when used on small to medium range. The StA-14 Rifle is used best on large maps such as Corinth Crossing and Pyrrhus Rise. When using the StA-14 Rifle and crouching it is 100% accurate and does not need the iron sights.


  • Primary badge: Disguise, activating the disguise makes the person look like an enemy soldier, although lights (eyes, lamps) are turned off.
  • Secondary badge: C4 Explosive, throw proximity mines that detonate when an enemy runs over it, or when an explosion takes place near it.


  • The Helghast saboteur uses the Sta3 LMG in the campaign.
  • There are several ways to detect saboteurs: When using the Scout Badge, use the spot & mark ability to detect saboteurs. If playing as the ISA, the best way to detect Helghast saboteurs in disguise is to see if their gear is glowing or not. If their equipment is glowing bright blue, they're your real allies. However, if their armor is not glowing bright blue, that means they're the disguised saboteurs. If a Helghast, look at the eyes of the Helghast to determine friend or foe. If the eyes of their goggles are glowing, then they're your allies. However, they are disguised saboteurs if their eyes are not glowing.
  • If one was to look at the Saboteur from a story point of view. With all their weapons, abilities and costumes, it seems that the Helghast Saboteurs were to function as Insurgents while the ISA saboteurs were to function as Special Forces.